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BloggersFootprint has been around for almost 2 years.
Sadly, it is dead because im too fucked up with classes and hectic schedule. Dammit!

Soo Lads & Gents,
This time around i will update it morning til night end, it's a promise. hee ;)

All you have to do is,
  • Type in tag me (or whatsoever you want) in the cbox beside.
  • Add in your gorgeous name and your URL. Dont forget alright?! ;]
  • Drop in BloggersFootprint tomorrow and you will see your name in the abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz list. Wiiiiiyyy! Love-ness.

Easy steps huh? Come on and join in.
Let's have a love-hate relationship & explore various type of blog together.
After all, that is what blogs about - to read, to love, to hate, to critic!

And as for anyone who somehow know or own a blog directory -
Note this, We Shall Be Partners! :)

I just want to have fun in here.


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